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Satanic Punishはうぇぶ式。、姫乃羽咲の2人からなる、2020年より"真体制"での活動が始まった、世の不条理、刹那、理不尽を歌うバンドサウンドベースのアイドルグループ。

A realistic word leaf (message) that can be put into "Overwhelming Sound Pressure" and "Extreme Metal Sound that is unrivaled".
"Chimimoryō declares war on outrageous things that prey on the weak. Evil is not allowed. Executioners execute lynching on things that cannot be judged by law. Eye for an eye. Eye for an eye. . "
"I will not forgive the absurdity of this world."
Satanic Punish is a Webshiki. & Himeno Usagi, a band sound-based idol group that sings the absurdity, moments, and unreasonableness of the world, whose activities under the "true system" began in 2020.
The concept is a heavy and powerful melody centered on METALCORE and DEATHCORE, a metallic sound that captures the true core, and a song with overwhelming sound pressure.
Music in one.
Secondly music.
There are no three or four, and five is music.
Decided to compete only with "MUSIC",
Death Voice, Shout,
emitted with a lot of study Growl and clean parts are one of the biggest attractions.